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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting The Most Out of Book Swaps

It seems reasonable to assume that authoring a blog on books one would be a bit obsessed about books. There are times were I wondered if I shouldn’t be looking for some kind of rehab center for bookaholics.

Book Swaps are occupying way too much of my time. I find myself lingering over the choices, savoring the selection and sighing over not having enough points to get every single book that I want.

I have discovered that there are ways to increase your take home pay (books). I discovered it first on TitleTrader. There are people willing to give you two books or even more for every TT point you have. My favorite trader is Dandylions, not because you get the most books but the books you get are in impeccable shape. I found the forum section has folks making offers on multiple books for one. Moving on to Paperbackswap, the forum section, Book Bazaar lists all the deals folks are giving. I have seen up to 6 paperbacks for 1 point. Sadly due to my total lack of interest in Harlequin Romances I did not take advantage.

I have not found any “deals” on BookMooch or Swaptree.

If you are willing to wade through the many posts and take a look at the book shelves of the folks posting, there are some astounding deals to be had. Me, I am still looking for the Eldorado of scifi/fantasy, I know someone out there will be offering 4 or 5 to 1 on books I haven’t already read, I know it. (sounds of Tinkerbell giggling in the background).

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