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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What or Who are you going to be?

Halloween is drawing nigh, the harvest moon is in the sky.
The goblins are groaning, The ghosts are a’moaning,
Witches are brewing and orks are spewing,
It’s time we decided what to wear, sly or scary or just debonair.
Yes, I am aware I should not quit my day job but since I am retired it is too late. Halloween has always been fun at our house. Our decorations have been up for a month already due to my grandchildren spotting them in our storage area. It is my youngest son’s favorite holiday and he has passed that passion to his children.

He makes a big deal out of this every year and admittedly his parties are over the top. I was first introduced to jello shots at one of his parties. (look them up, if you aren’t familiar with them) I am always flattered that we get invited since the primary attendees are considerably younger and usually looking for us to baby sit their kids. It is always a bit of a struggle to come up with a costume.

I found a site that seems to have something for everyone. Halloween costumes can be found at Halloween Adventure. They have costumes for the whole family and even has outside decorations. I like the beard and wigs for the ever popular hippy costume. This year I find myself drawn to the Joker. If you have been reading my posts, that should be a pretty obvious choice. Check out the site, you may find your alter ego is hiding in plain sight and you can be prepared for your personal fright night!

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Book Calendar said...

I am wearing my cat ear hat from the anime convention I attended.