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Saturday, December 6, 2008

March Up Country by David Weber and John Ringo

Weber and Ringo are unbeatable in my book. I haven’t read anything by either guy that I didn’t like. This story is set far in the future in the Empire of Man. The empire is fraught with peril but the Empress has two competent children and a simpering, incompetent, bastard, youngest son. Centered around the incompetent Prince, the story basically shows the development of his character. His bodyguard, the Bronze Barberians, are an elite marine force of the Empress Own Guard. Their duty is onerous at best and worse is dealing with the unpleasant Prince. The marooning of the Prince and his bodyguards on a supposedly friendly planet leads to his personal growth and the demise of many of his new friends. I couldn’t put this down, get it!

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Book Calendar said...

Both March Up Country and March to the Sea are available as free books in Baen's free library. I like free things. They are worth it.