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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

After the fact, it has been pointed out that my Christmas card is a bit difficult to read on some monitors. I guess at this point in time, it may not matter but the gist of the message is that I hope whoever you are and where ever you are that you have a wonderful holiday. I hope for peace and good will to go out tonight, Dec. 28th and every night. That message doesn't need to be restricted to Christmas Eve, it is something I hope for every night. Too often it is so easy to look at just the negative aspects of our society. Sure the economy stinks and we are involved in an unpopular war but there are still good folks out there. Every day there are people reaching out to others to show their concern. So this may be belated, but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to any of you people kind enough to read my labored prose.

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