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Sunday, January 11, 2009

March To The Stars by David Weber and John Ringo

At the risk of repeating myself, I love these guys. The story takes up from where “March to the Sea” left off. The embattled marines end up involved in another localized war. The natives they initially help turn out to be the bad guys and they have to shift allegiances to get to the starport which is their goal. The starport is their only hope to get off the planet and get home. The discovery that all is not well at home puts added pressure to get where their going. The authors don’t hesitate to inject a reality check in their work. War has casualties, even characters we really, really like. You know it is only a story but yet you grieve for the loss of life. I, admittedly, really get into these books and have difficulty getting anything else done while reading them. There is one more in the series and I plan on starting it immediately. I would suggest buying all four at the same time because you are going to want to read them back to back, at least I did.

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