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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Killing Man by Mickey Spillane

Ever since I stumbled on to a John P. McDonald story that was serialized in a newspaper, I have been a fan of the hard boiled detective. Glen Cook’s Garret combines two of my favorite genres, fantasy and hard boiled detective. Spillane is known as a mainstay of this type of story. The book was dated, the technology was obsolete and the vernacular was outmoded. Nevertheless the story was very entertaining. Mike Hammer has a clear picture of how justice should be served and he does his best to give the bad guys their just deserts. A brutal murder in his own office with his faithful Velda injured sets the tone of the book, retribution. A very quick, yet entertaining read.

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Not really his web site, but a good bibliography. I use this site a great deal to make sure I buy and read series in order. (I know, anality runs amuck.)

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Book Calendar said...

Dashiell Hammett is still the best noire writer in my mind. I also liked his newspaper comic strip Secret Agent X-9.

I have mixed opinions about Mickey Spillane. I think Mike Hammer is a bit overblown.