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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings Site

Periodically I write about web related stuff. I find that a lot people are still a bit intimidated by the Internet. I belong to a lot of book blog sites. Many of the forums have questions about how to do web related things like selecting the best host for your web site or blog. If you are uneasy about setting up a website or don’t know where to go, I found a site that can be a big help. It is called Web Hosting Geeks. The site rates and reviews web hosting companies on a wide variety of classifications. For example if you have a need for multiple domain web hosting, they have a section that rates and reviews the best host for creating and maintaining multiple sites. They have ratings on the most economical domain host and ratings and reviews on the best domain host for a reseller. All hosts are not created equal. They all have characteristics unique to their business. A host with terrific tech support may be more expensive than one with better features and abysmal support. It is best to discover what your needs are before you commit to a lengthy contract.

Web Hosting Geeks note whether the hosting company has gotten any awards. They have reviews from actual customers of the web hosts they rate. There are checklists to help you determine the most important thing in a domain host for your specific type of site.

In addition Web Hosting Geeks has a blog with tons of information on how to select the best host for your web site or blog. They have articles that explain things like data base hosting and articles like Avoiding Common Web Hosting Traps.

Overall I found the site very helpful and it is now bookmarked in my web utilities folder for continuous use. If you are uncertain what direction to go for your domain hosting, I think you should visit this site.

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