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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Plagiarism, Alive and Flourishing

Yesterday I was made aware of my content being copied to another site without my permission. I was made aware by another blogger who discovered his content too was being stolen. My initial angry reaction has been replaced by concern for someone who is too lazy or inept to write their own content. The innate nature of blogging is self expression. The thief who steals content is subverting his own self expression. The inability to express one self must be so debilitating that they are forced to steal content from others. Therefore rather than anger I will take pity on the poor soul who suffers from a complete lack of creativity and self expression when they steal words from others. Consider therapy and perhaps Dale Carnegie courses to build your self esteem to the point where you too can take advantage of the realm of blogging, standing on your own and expressing yourself rather than mimic others self expression.

If you are reading this post anywhere but Pick of The Literate, it has been illegally and knowingly stolen. Consider never coming back to the site that has stolen this original material and patronizing the actual author of the material. ©2009 by Bearly Tolerable Publications, all rights are reserved, any reproduction whatsoever of the contents of this site without express written permission is a violation of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998


Michael said...

Glad to see that your content is no longer being stolen by that site.

Over at Chris' blog, someone posted anonymously saying that they took the content down -

ibdragon said...

Thanks Michael for the comment. I got an anonymous email telling me the site was down. I have to wonder what that was all about. Surely they didn't anticipate sufficient ad revenue to off set the storm of criticism. I was actually inspired by the wagon circling outraged blogger support. It felt like an old fashion community rally. I guess good things can sometimes come from bad.

Michael said...

Another thing that has come from it is that I now have several additional links in my blogroll - to you, Chris and Peter.

inspectorjonez said...

I've been following the whole story: From Chris's blog to Michael to ibdragon's and cannot help but wonder why Michael is so happy about the extra links he got from all this - and then he's got some extra content for his blog as a bonus... This makes me think of the game Cluedo - ibdragon is wise but angry, Chris innocent but sad, and Michael suddenly the great protector of all... Verdict: Michael - please come out where ever you are!!
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