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Thursday, February 4, 2010

School Days by Robert B. Parker

A Columbine shooting at a private school provides the setting for this story. Spenser is hired to prove the innocence of one of the shooters.

I enjoyed the book but it seemed like it was Robert Parker Light, less taste and less filling. It had a good story line and the plot was good but it just didn’t seem to have enough meat on the bones. I’ve noticed that when I’m hungry my analogies all seem food related. One of my favorite aspects of Parker’s Spenser novels is the verbal repartee between Hawk and Spenser. Since Hawk was not a participant in this story that was missing. This is not a beach book, this more like finish it in one sitting while waiting in the dentist’s office. This was a very short, very quick read, too light and too quick to be satisfying.

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