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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Firefly Rain by Richard Dansky

I was a bit annoyed to discover that I was second guessed on the cover of the book. I thought that Dansky had a style reminiscent of Pat Conroy and sure enough there was a note on the cover comparing him to Conroy and Stephen King. I think that is an accurate comparison.

The story is of a homecoming that has a decidedly twisted turn. Jacob returns home after some business reverses. He finds that he doesn’t quite fit in the small town lifestyle as well as he once did. The mystery surrounding his strange encounters provides a few chills down the spine. How Jacob reconciles his current person with the past and his future provide the impetus for the story.

Character definition is the highlight of the book. Growing up in a small town, there is accuracy in the portrayal of both the community and the people. Thomas Tryon comes to mind when you read the book. It wasn’t scary as much as sad. How a boy, now a man, reconciles his younger behavior with who he has become. You are left with hope at the end of the book.

I recommend the book.

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