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Many times I receive books for FREE to give them an honest review. I do not get paid to give a good or bad review. Spotlights are promotional and should be regarded as advertising for the book spotlighted. Regardless of where or how I got a book, my review will be as honest as I can make it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sending You Sammy by Sarah Butland

Sammy is a little boy who eats in a healthy manner. He sets out on a crusade to help other kids develop healthy eating habits.

This book has delightful illustrations and a simple but endearing story line. Sammy is transformed and can help others. The transformation should appeal to the younger reader’s imagination. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and should be attractive to the reader.   The morale is eating healthy can make you a better person. The book is engaging and should have great a-peel. (read it to get the pun) Well done!

I recommend the book.


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