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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Foreign Influence by Brad Thor

Scot Harvath is back and in action. An Al-Quaida group is planning world wide attacks on Americans and a finale in the United States. This former Seal uses his considerable talent for violence in addressing this threat to his country.

I continue to enjoy the Scot Harvath character. He does not revel in being a hardcase but he does what he feels is necessary. His antipathy toward violonce and kids is laudable. If you are not able to stomach rather graphic violence you may want to plan on skipping parts of the book.

I mentioned in my review of “The Last Patriot” that once I find an author that is impossible to put down, I want to read him until one of us drops. As the first Thor book I read, this was a sobering look at the changed world we live in. I can’t say that I enjoyed the glimpse of a possible future. As a story this book was captivating and intense, one can only hope it is not predictive.

I highly recommend the book.

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