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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hot Mahogeny by Stuart Woods

One of the joys of reading Stuart Woods is the reoccurring characters. This novel is focused on the renowned Stone Barrington and his fascinating and complicated life.

Holly Barker the small town sheriff is back in a cameo role in her new CIA persona as is Lance Cabot who is now a deputy director at the CIA. Dino and Elaine, stalwart friends and side kicks are also in the book. There is reference to Will Lee who was the main stay of several of Wood’s books. You have the feel of history or camaraderie and feel as if you are running into old friends.

Stone Barrington is a likeable character regardless of the fact that he has remarkable success in bedding an enormous assortment of gorgeous and somewhat amoral women.

No jealousy is implied as I am cognizant that he is a character in a book but even so most guys would have a modicum of envy for Stone’s successes.

This is not a book to teach or moralize. It isn’t a missive of monumental impact. As you read it is like someone you know and you are just catching up. Perhaps an apt description is it is a perfect beach book, not demanding, it doesn’t tax your faculties but it is eminently enjoyable.

I recommend it.

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