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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kiss Her Good-Bye by Mickey Spillane

I forgot how violent Mickey Spillane Books are.  Mike Hammer has retired due to battle wounds.  The damage to his spirit is far worse than that to his body. 

There is something timeless about Mickey Spillane's work.  Morality is based on personal philosophy rather than legal precedent.   The settings may be dated but the emotions are truly timeless.  Loyalty to friends and just retribution characterized Mike Hammer stories.  A manly sublimation of a personal desire for commitment also characterizes Mike Hammer.   
You can depend to find colorful figures, moderate sex, gratuitous violence and thoughtless action in Mickey Spillane novels.   They are consistently entertaining and a genre which is generally underrated.   If you are looking for education or illumination Spillane won’t be your choice but if you just want relaxing entertainment, run out and introduce yourself to Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer just make sure you bring a body bag.

I recommend the book.

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