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Friday, October 7, 2011

Crude Deception by Gordon Zuckerman

This book read more like a history book than a novel.  What little bit of research I did on the premise seems to hold true with the author’s vision, frightening to say the least.   Post WWII intrigue by the oil industry to seize the world is the theme of the book.

I liked the book but would have preferred to have a little more background about the Sentinels.   The Sentinels appeared to be a well connected, off the books, oversight group with international implications.   Perhaps a forward giving their role and background would have made the book more comprehensible.   There is a fair amount of mild action with international travel. 

There are tie ins to the modern day if you are at all familiar with history.   Big business is not painted with a broad brush.  It is clear that some big business was corrupted or corruptible but others strove for honesty.  

Overall it is a tale of greed that certainly resonates with Enron, Madoff and Haliburton.  There is even a Black Water connection provided by the Samson group.   Once again if you don’t know your history you are doomed to repeat it.  It appears as a nation we aren’t very concerned about history.
I recommend it.

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