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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shame on Book Boycotter Barnes and Noble.

The sad truth is that the actions of Barnes and Noble and others boycotting a specific publisher, regardless of whom, is analogous to the isolationist philosophy of government. We are in a world wide economy and publishing is discovering the down side of open competition. I write two book blogs reviewing books. Many of those books are written by authors who were never able to get picked up by the “legitimate” publishing community. I have found books written by independent authors, often self published, that compare favorably with anything I have read coming from those self styled legitimate publishers. The publishing world has been mired in tradition and arrogance, denying many worthwhile voices the opportunity to be heard. ALL publishers regardless of their self styled legitimacy need to recognize the world is changing. Embrace the change, become dynamic and compete successfully. Simply trying to bar the door is short sighted and bound to fail.

BTW, Amazon does have their own arrogance but sadly any corporate entity of any size often exhibits distain for their customers. The survivors will recognize the need to keep their customers happy.

A caveat, I also write books for children. My books attempt to explain the myriad of emotional situations that children can face. “Mommy’s Black Eye” is self published by Amazon’s Create Space. Sadly it sells well and hopefully it is helping people. That book would not exist without Amazon so I am predisposed to their brand of competition.

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