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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Under Oath by Margaret McLean

Another superb courtroom drama with volatile emotional context from Margaret McLean.

Annie Fitzgerald is prosecuting a despicable criminal figure in Boston’s infamous Charlestown section.   She has a personal ax to grind and is obsessed with getting a conviction.  She is assisted by homicide detective Callahan who is grinding his own ax.  Together they share the obsessed cause of convicting Billy Malone.  

Buddy Clancy would top the list of interesting people anyone has encountered.   He and his golden retriever, Rehnquist, both sport bow ties and both have a sweet tooth.   Buddy was more likeable in McClean’s previous book, Under Fire.    Buddy seems more contentious.  His folksy style fades against the counterpoint of the killer he is defending.  Buddy seems to undergo a crisis of conscience with his defense of what may be a multiple murder suspect.  

The plot is complicated and believable.   There are a wealth of seedy characters that provide grit and grime to the story line.  Sadly the story has a ring of truth which probably is the reason it is so captivating.   Charlestown exhibits many of the characteristics of small towns and insular communities.   Ms. McLean did an exceptional job in painting the atmosphere of this type of neighborhood.  

The murdered artist Trevor Shea tells his own poignant story through out the book.   The thread of his work is what ties this book so very neatly tight. 

This was a very good book and an outstanding courtroom drama. 

I highly recommend it.

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