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Friday, September 28, 2012

Resurrection Express by Stephen Romano


Funny I thought I knew how to spell intense and turns out it is spelled ROMANO!  Wow, this book brings a level of intensity that I expect from Vince Flynn or Daniel Silva, I just didn’t know Romano was this good.  

A hacker/thief and his father an assassin/thief are embroiled in a elitist conspiracy to rework the world. 

If you are squeamish you won’t want to read this book.  It is graphic, very graphic but also captivating.  The story is complex and you best pay attention or you will get lost.   Some thought provoking questions arise from the plot of this book.  There are also some not so subtle political digs included in the work.   Don’t look for any warm and fuzzy characters, they are all pretty much despicable.  If you are looking for a rush from reading, grab this book, it will grab you and shake out your complacency. 

I highly recommend the book. 

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