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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tiger’s Claw by Dale Brown

Dale Brown plucks his plots out of newspaper headlines.   This thriller postulates China as our new deadly foe.   Obviously that is not much of a fictional stretch.  

One of the subtleties of Brown’s books is the need to read between the lines.   The book points out that with the intertwined nature of the global economy it would be difficult for any conflict to escalate to war. 

Even noting that, Brown clearly details how minor events can snowball into making conflict nearly inevitable.   I haven’t read any Dale Brown lately and I found this book a bit more formulistic than I recall.   It could have been one I read several years ago with the names of the players being changed. 

I do enjoy the reoccurring characters as that provides a familiarity to the story that is quite pleasant.   The nature of the plot does not provide a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings but more of a sense of trepidation.   The specific details sometimes get overwhelming but overall and entertaining read.

I recommend the book.

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