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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cinema of Shadows by Michael West

Many of us go to the movie theatre to be frightened.  The difference is this movie theater is terrifying and there is NO movie running.   This novel is a first rate horror story.

Michael West creates realistic, likeable characters.   I think that is what I like best about his books.  I’m not a big fan of spooky stories but I like his and his characterizations are what make it likeable for me.

A professor and several volunteers decide to explore the paranormal aspects of a movie theatre with a sordid past.   Each volunteer was chosen by the professor who is struggling to exorcise his personal demons.  The volunteers were chosen due to their own experiences with some type of paranormal experience. 

Dealing with one’s fears can be difficult anytime but when there is a real basis for those fears it can be overwhelming.  The characters are likeable and are forced to face their personal demons.   West does a great job building tension and terror.

As I said after the last Michael West book I read, Spook House, I’m not a fan of horror stories but I really liked this rendition. 

I enjoyed the book. 

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