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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cold City by F. Paul Wilson

When I read Dark City a few weeks ago I stated that I may be one of the few action adventure readers who has just discovered Repairman Jack.   This is a series that documents one man's quest to right wrongs in a unique vigilante/godfather manner.   This is the first book in the trilogy that documents the early years of Repairman Jack.  

Dark City is the middle book of a trilogy chronicling the early years of Repairman Jack and you can read my review on the link at the beginning of this sentence.

This book provides you with the reason why Jack becomes a loner and documents the events that lead to his Quixotic behavior.  Jack isn't real smooth in this or the second book.  There is plenty of action and if you have an Old Testament attitude toward retribution you are going to devour this series.    

I recommend the book and I plan on reading more of the series.  It appears that this series is the last of the Repairman Jack stories for awhile.  The author states that in the forward of Fear City which I am currently reading.  There are at least 18 books besides these in the series and I plan on reading them all.   

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