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Monday, December 1, 2014

Second Son by Lee Child

Second Son is a back story.   This not a book, it is a short story.   As a short story it was fine, since I went into it with the erroneous assumption that it was a book, I was disappointed.  

The story gives background on Stan Reacher, Reacher's father.  It also provides input as to Reacher's brother Joe and his emotional and psychological underpinnings.   Josephine, the boy's mother is also profiled.  

I found the story interesting primarily due to it's answering a lot of unasked questions as to how Reacher became Reacher let alone how he became the man of action depicted in all the books.

As a short story if you have not read the Reacher books, it would not impress you.   As an avid reader of the Reacher books, the story was excellent. 

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