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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Emma is on the Air by Ida Siegal

 This book made more sense when I discovered that Ida Siegal is an on the air reporters for a New York TV station.   Emma is a precocious eight year old girl going on fifteen.   Her immediate passion is to become "Someone".   Emma wants to be famous!

Emma decides that being a investigative reporter is her path to success.   Her first problem is to find something on which to report.   Once she discovers a wormburger, her journalistic instincts go into overdrive.

Emma is a likeable character that is aptly portrayed by the author.  Her level of enthusiasm may seem over the top but only to people who have rare contact with this age group.   Having just arrived home from volunteering in my grandson's kindergarten class, I am awestruck by the energy level and excitement demonstrated by elementary age kids. 

Emma follows a convoluted path to the solution of her mystery and her hoped for fame.  This book is the first in a series.   As a Scholastic published book, success is almost guaranteed.   This is a cute story.  It is suggested for up to fifth grade but I suspect the most fertile market will be third grade. 

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