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Thursday, June 11, 2015

George's Grand Tour by Caroline Vermalle

This is one of those surprise books.   I was surprised I enjoyed it.  My first thought was it was a "chick" book.   (Sigh) I know not exactly politically correct but nevertheless how I see it.  Regardless of description this book was excellent.  It describes a relationship between a granddaughter and grandfather.

George is in his eighties and is in poor health.  He feels smothered by his daughter.   He and his best buddy Charles embark on a life changing trip.  Meanwhile the story splits to George's granddaughter and her frustration with her internship on a film.  

This is not an action adventure, don't expect guns, knives or fights.   Do expect to be moved by a delightful story.

I recommend the book.

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Page is in French, Google's translation didn't work on this  site.

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