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Monday, November 2, 2015

Navy SEAL Training Class 144: My BUD/S Journal by Stephen Templin

I don't normally read non-fiction as I find the world around me often provides me with more reality than I care to face at any given time.  Stephen Templin writes about his SEAL training and the results thereof.  

One of the things I got out of the book was that it doesn't matter how many muscles you have, how buff you are or tough you are, what matters is how much you want a goal.  What little I have read about SEALS has impressed me.  After reading this book, I am literally in awe.   These young guys go through things that most people can not imagine.   They push themselves far beyond anything they thought they could do.   This book gives you pause, considering how you would fare in a similar situation and wondering if you could survive let alone thrive.

A thought provoking and awe inspiring book with a bit of a surprise at the end.

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