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Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

This is the first book from Cherie Priest I have read.   I will be reading more!  This is a story of a lost friend, grief, a refusal to accept and redemption.   The characters are memorable and well crafted.

Two childhood friends find themselves separated by tragedy.   May is a product of a divorce and grief.  The author shows an awareness of the current state of the American family with split homes that are often hours apart.   May is learning about herself and her parents and discovering that things are seldom black and white.  

Libby, May's best friend, deals with multiple tragedies and soldiers on.   Ms. Priest gives an excellent rendition of perseverance and hope.

Jackdaw demonstrates tolerance and growth, going from a lost soul to a keeper of confidences and a defender of the down trodden.

Trick is a perfect example of a little knowledge is dangerous.   It is sometimes hard to remember that as good as you perceive yourself to be, there is often someone who is better. 

The author incorporated current technology and the teen dependency on said tech.   Priest did not preach nor did she pontificate, she merely told a story with an consumate accuracy and understanding of teens.

This is an excellent book, YA or otherwise.  I will be saving this for my grand daughter to get slightly older. 

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