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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Weaver Fish by Robert Edeson

This book purports to be a novel.  Frankly I didn't see it.  It appeared to be a collection of disconnected narratives that I never could quite connect.  Some of the narratives were interesting but some were beyond dry.   Sometimes it reads as a text book and other times it seems like a novel. 

There seem to be a couple of plots that are intermingled.   Puns seem to enter into the equation with some of the names, such as Edvard Tossenturn or Worse.   There were things that piqued my interest, giant condors, invisible fish, illegal loggers and mosquitos.

I have read other reviews that infer this is a book for the scientific mind, I guess that my review proves that is something I lack.

I am sure that someone will find this book entertaining or enlightening but I didn't and most likely that is my failure not the authors.

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