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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Obsidian Chamber Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Quirky and dapper FBI agent Pendergast is back and plays a slightly small part in this book due to an involuntary commitment.  Diogenes and Constance are in this book and whenever Pendergast's brother is involved there is sure to be mayhem and skullduggery.

The story is parallel tales for awhile.  Pendergast is stuck in dire straits while someone leads his trusty houseman, Proctor on a chase.  

The  plot is intricate and one is reminded of some of the semi-occult aspects of the Pendergast books.  

Once again I repeat myself from past reviews of this dynamic writing duo, this book has plenty of action, social commentary and thought provoking plot lines to attract a wide variety of readers.

I highly recommend.

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