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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Night School by Lee Child

Reacher is back and thank goodness it is a full blown book and not those short teasers I have been complaining about.   This story takes place while Reacher is still and MP Major.  The Cold War is over but remnants of the conflict still exist.   The story is about a terrorist threat that overlaps the historic aspects of the Cold War. 

Reacher's favorite Sgt., Neagley is tasked to Reacher for his current assignment.  Said assignment is top secret and supposedly is a school to teach interagency cooperation.  (If that were only accomplished, would wonders never cease.)  Reacher demonstrates his normal fly by the seat of his pants, lets use common sense and then thump someone.

This is a normal, must finish at all cost, Reacher book.

I really enjoyed it.

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