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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Meerkat Wars by H. S. Toshack

This book has a domestic cat acting as a mediator between two warring tribes of meerkats.

The book provides some very good lessons on helping others. It also shows that just because something is different than you doesn’t mean it is less or more than you, it is just different.

Sheena, the cat, finds herself on an unintended, hazardous adventure. The book demonstrates how philosophic differences, in this case the nature or belief of the One True Sun can turn creatures of similar nature against each other.

There a few well placed illustrations in the book and it reads easily. I like how the author demonstrates positive behavior without preaching about it. I think that will carry much more weight with the reader.

I liked the book, good messages while providing an entertaining read.

It should be readable by the advanced 2nd grader and certainly enjoyed up to and including adults, particularly cat lovers.

I recommend the book.

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