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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Starfist First To Fight by David Sherman And Dan Cragg

I have mixed feelings about the book. I have three more in the series aand I will see how they work out. I’m enamored with David Weber, Dean Ing, David Drake, Stirling and frankly they grab you earlier and engender more emotion. However Sherman and Cragg do lay a very thorough and realistic foundation. Marine Corp fans should find their prose realistic. The story line focuses on a detachment of Marines, recognizable and related to current day Marines. Not a lot of techy gadgetry and a focus on the brotherhood of warriors. Good action when it finally started to pop but a long time to get there. Granted that is more realistic than the constant action featured in some military fiction. I recommend it with reservations, I am going to read more of the series before I make my final decision. The series does have enough die hard fans to have several sites devoted to fandom activities so it’s appeal may not be evident to me.

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