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Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts For Your Favorite NRA Relative

I have a nephew who is always packing. I don’t mean for a trip, I mean carrying a firearm. He has a license to carry so he is legitimate. He is studying to be a cop and is a very strict, law and order kind of guy. One has to wonder if there is a genetic component to a love of guns. I had an Uncle who literally had an entire room lined with guns. He had a shooting range in the basement. An avid hunter, he never once fired a shot in anger. My cousin and not the son of the above Uncle, no exaggeration, bought the house next door to his to house his gun collection. I am sure there are National Guard units that had less firepower. I have wondered for a long time whatever happen to both those collections as both owners are deceased of natural causes. So is there some sort of gene that predisposes some to a love affair with guns?

Anyway, back to my nephew. He is a bit of a survivalist. He isn’t overboard, doesn’t have a bomb shelter in the back yard but he never goes anywhere without a back pack full of stuff. I checked out one of his source sites, a company called LA Police Gear. They carry a wide variety of stuff you don’t see in a lot of places. Their flashlights are truly state of the art. They do not sell any guns but they do have all the accessories you can imagine. They carry a lot of Under Armour which has a line of cold weather gear that is very good. Since it is 10 degrees with strong winds as I write this blog, good cold weather gear is very appealing.

They have a line of holsters for practically any purpose. Considering how some of our professional athletes carry their weapons, perhaps they should check out how a good holster can keep them from shooting themselves and their team’s playoff prospects in the foot.

If you have a relative or friend who is into this type of stuff this may be a site you want to explore.

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