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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

March To the Sea by David Weber and John Ringo

A sequel to “March Up Country”, this book is as entertaining as it’s predecessor. Prince Roger as the main character is continuing to mature. Wading through the blood of his friends, foes and assorted wild life has given him a different perspective that his pampered life in the palace. Working with civilized natives combating barbarism seems to be the only way the force can continue to their goal of reaching the star port. The marines need to reserve, at least, a portion of their technological superiority for a final confrontation with their modern foes at the star port. This reservation requires them to implement a minor industrial revolution and introduce, to the marines eyes, antique weapons to the locals. The same antiques are a marvel of technology to the industrially challenged natives. Battling through seemingly limitless barbarians, Prince Roger develops into a “true” prince and leader. Again a book I couldn’t put down, Ringo and Weber truly tell a great story.

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