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Friday, December 12, 2008

Want A New Audience to Talk Books?

I ran across a new site the other day that wants to know about your stuff. Stuff you like to read, buy, eat, whatever stuff you want to talk about. It is called Acobay. It is a beta so it is a work in progress. It is a little slow and some of the responses are sluggish. My guess it is generated by someone for whom English is a second language as some of the prose is decidedly awkward. It is an interesting premise but will need a wealth of growth before it starts to pull in many folks willing to post. However I have noticed that, in addition to me, there are many folks out there more than willing to put a few words up for discussion. I suspect that we are all striving for a little more self actualizing, self expression in our lives.

I put a brief review of David Weber & John Ringo’s “We Few” up under books and I looked around. There isn’t much on it yet but you have to start somewhere. They are undemanding in that they don’t even want your email address to register. If you are looking for an un-crowded venue to discuss your favorite books, it may be the place for you.

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