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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ladies, Guys Like Flowers Too

Ladies Guys Like Flowers Too

Valentines Day is coming. Do you know what you are getting the significant male in your life? Recently I saw boxes of candy shaped like footballs, soccer balls, baseballs and ball balls. I guess the marketing folks just assume guys find hearts more suitable for sissies. I’m a manly man kind of guy, 6’ 2” tall, 220 pounds and reasonably fit for an old guy. I like watching football, basketball and baseball. Sadly my knees, don’t particularly like playing any of those, anymore. I own guns, I shoot, I drink and I like strong women. Point I’m making here is that guys can be “real guys” and still like hearts and flowers.

I really like the “Martha Stewart Flowers” on an online florist and your guy might like them too. A flower delivery showing up at your man’s office would be a good way to totally surprise him on Valentines Day. Now if your man works in a garage, they could be an even bigger surprise. A gift from the heart can speak louder than words. There is something special about flowers. I have appreciated them every single time I have gotten them. A real man loves his woman and isn’t afraid of hearts and may even like flowers. I can’t guarantee your guy would like flowers but don’t assume that a “real” man doesn’t, cause a lot of us do. Have a Happy Valentines Day!


Kim Gail said...

I too love Martha Stewart flowers and prefer to buy them from 1800Flowers.

Book Calendar said...

Flowers are better than candy. They are a very nice reminder of the beautiful things in the world.