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Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Woman's Day March 8, 2009

I guess everyone has their own take on stuff like this. I like to think that I look at women as friends and partners rather than objects. Admittedly I look at women different than men, mostly based on personal preference. I won’t launch into an ode of what I love but my life would be infinitely more bleak without the woman with whom I share it. Perhaps I should say women since I am lucky enough to have many women in my life. I stand in awe of some of their accomplishments and their ability to be so much to so many people. I lament over my brethren (by gender not necessarily by choice) who see women as less than themselves. Truth be told if that is their belief then they have demeaned themselves, their gender and the women around them.

Women of the world, I salute you! I hope that countries and societies where you are treated as less than equal that you will triumph over your adversity and win your freedom. In my own society I suggest that those of you, both men and women, who feel that there is gender superiority of any type to grow up and recognize without each other we have nothing.

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Book Calendar said...

I am with you on this. Women and men are different. They are not better or worse just different. There should be more of a place at the table for women in politics and many other places. It would make for a less violent much more peaceful world.