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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Forever Hero by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

This is a trilogy compiled under one cover. I like that since it means I only have to buy one book to get the whole enchilada. “Dawn for a Distant Earth”, “The Silent Warrior” and “In Endless Twilight” comprise the trilogy. These were all published in the 1987 time frame and considered Modesitt’s first major work. The characterization shown in Modesitt’s later work is displayed in these three works. A strong, self depreciating, angst driven, goal oriented, terse protagonist is a recurring theme in his stories. In these stories a strong statement of concern for what we are doing to our planet is central to the story line. Earth is a backwater of the galaxy due to depleted resources and life ending pollution. The central plot is the resurrection of the planet’s ecology and livability.

The heroic efforts to that end by Devulkid, Greg Gershwin, provide the action and motivation of the books. Modesitt clearly illustrates that progress or innovation may not necessarily be a positive move for the average person. I have read most all of Modesitt’s books and there is most definitely a pattern to his characters and plots. I don’t find that to be a bad thing. There is a warm, ill defined, pleasant familiarity when reading his stories. I recommend all three of the books, there is enough action to satisfy the thrill seeker and enough meat to placate the moralizer.

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