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Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Your Own Self Be True by Ray Melnik

Succinctly I felt this book tries to drive home the point that you are what your choices make you. The experiences of a new, young scientist and her interaction with both her technology and the people around her provide the experiences and data for her to define her self.

The growth of an introverted, somewhat sad self contained young woman into someone who makes some decisions to change her life was interesting. I liked the interaction with an artificial intelligence and the growth of that AI into a personality based on decisions and beliefs. I think Melnik could double the number of pages and put a lot more flesh on the characters. I really liked the willingness of characters to stick out their neck for each other. Rael’s connection to reality and the darker side of human nature was a good counterpoint to KaeIa’s naiveté. I was disappointed that Adam, the AI, wasn’t more of the story. I enjoyed the interaction between it and Kaela. Overall I felt the message was be cognizant that your choices are defining your life.

I recommend the book, it isn’t a kick back, relax and be entertained book, it is a thought provoking, hmm do I believe that kind of book that we all need to read once in awhile.

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