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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Woman Into Wolf by Alysse Aallyn

This is a tale of insidious growth from a loving, malleable and dominated wife to a more resilient, strong and implacable woman. It is characterized as a true crime story. Sadly if it is true, there are more tortured souls out there seeking release than we can imagine.

I found it difficult to like anyone in this book. All the characters were dysfunctional in so many ways. Persey as the main characters was entirely too accepting of a domineering spouse. Roy as the spouse was psychopathically disabled. Be glad that you can’t identify with any of these amoral creatures. Aallyn does a good job in painting the faces of evil. I found the story somewhat disjointed but considering the topics of serial killing, spousal abuse, homicide and violence the disjointed aspect seemed to fit. I did like the author’s success in keeping the end results a true mystery.

Psychologists should have a ball with this book. Part of my master program involved abnormal psych and the visiting of inmates and if I hadn’t had that exposure to psychopaths I would find the book hard to believe. Be prepared to be disgusted with the characters and be willing to delve into the cesspool of their aberrant behavior. The book made me uneasy, to accept these types of people is very uncomfortable. It truly is a psychological thriller and worth reading if you like that genre.

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