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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Graceling By Kristin Cashore

Katsa thought she was a monster, a mutant that with extraordinary powers that enabled her to dominate others. The theme of Graceling isn’t radically different than that of Fire, Cashore’s latest book. Katsa was the enforcer for her uncle the king but she hated her duties. This tale is of her quest to free her self from domination and find true love.

Katsa’s introspection allows her to finally develop an identity she is happy to accept. Her redefinition of her grace provides her with a needed peace of mind. Once again, I found myself captivated with Cashore’s characters. She has that rare quality that enables her to imbue her characters with personality and life. Po’s nobility was inspiring. The plot was intricate without being confusing. “Graceling” is a veritable masterpiece and astounding since this was Cashore’s first book. I really, really enjoyed it. I mentioned in my review on “Fire” that I think Krisin Cashore is going to be a force in the Fantasy genre to be reckoned with; up there with Elizabeth Moon and Mercedes Lackey, she is that good! I stand by that statement, perhaps even more so since I see that it carried through both books. I await “Bitterblue” with great anticipation.

Just like “Fire”, I don’t just recommend this book, I insist that if you enjoy fantasy and astoundingly good character depiction, you must get this book!

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