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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

“The Atlantis Revelation” by Thomas Greanias

Conrad Yeats is an Indiana Jones want to be. His archeological expertise seems to lead to unlikely adventures. This is the third book of the series. In this book Conrad addresses a international conspiracy to thrust the Middle East into armed conflict that will lead to a new world order.

Conrad is just shy of super hero status. It seems like he can’t miss when he shoots, that he can’t be killed and that he always finds a way to succeed. He out Bonds, James Bond. In spite of that infallibility, the book is entertaining and the plot is intricate enough to hold your attention. Conrad Yeats may be a direct descendant of Atlantans, this would explain the close regard he has for all things Atlantis. There is a simplistic aspect about the book that leads to a very fast read. That being said, I enjoyed the book enough to order the preceding books, “The Atlantis Prophecy” and “Raising Atlantis”. The book will not tax your intellect but it will entertain you.

I recommend the book.

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