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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bridezilla Who Stole Christmas by Lisa A. Maddock

This is the second of the Teddy and Pip stories. Teddy and Pip are guinea pigs who talk. The story is the tale of how Teddy and Pip influence Amelia & Wally’s (their owners) wedding. The tale is related by Molly their neighbor and friend.

This was a really cute story. Not to be ever repeated but the guinea pigs reactions to their being ignored reminded me somewhat of a 3 year old who is near and dear to my heart. Molly’s perspective seemed realistic for a 9 year old. The guinea pigs behavior just made me laugh, sometimes out loud. I have seen people bullied by their pets so Teddy and Pip’s behavior was all that far fetched. This book should make your child laugh out loug.

I highly recommend the book.

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