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Monday, December 14, 2009

Saving Christmas by Charles Noland

This is a Drew and Ellie story. There are three books that precede this book but that did not negatively impact the story. Drew and Ellie are brother and sister. They demonstrate creativity, compassion and selfness is this delightful tale of a Christmas miracle.

I really enjoyed this little book. Drew and Ellie are portrayed quite well as normal children. They display laudable concern for others in their reaction to newly adopted Maya. The story demonstrated normal age appropriate excitement over Christmas with a caring Mother helping the kids to see the true meaning of the holiday. When disaster strikes Drew and Ellie respond with caring, concern and creativity to truly make the first Christmas of Maya memorable. An added bonus is Ellie conquering a long held fear.

I like stories that demonstrate positive moral values without preaching or heavy handed moralizing. Noland portrayed some beautiful behavior in a sensitive yet entertaining manner.

I highly recommend the book. I plan on reading it to my grandchildren.

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