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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pallbearers by Stephen J. Cannell

Shane Scully doesn’t believe that Pop Dixon committed suicide neither do the other pallbearers at his funeral. They form a “murder club” and seek answers to this mystery.

Cannell’s Scully is explained in this book. Shane is a reoccurring character that frequently flies off the grid and exhibits a lot of anger. I haven’t read too many of the books featuring him but in this one you find out the source of his anger. The colorful characters literally illuminate the book. Each one is a bright source of enlightenment. Jack is the loveable rogue and of course Alexa is the steadfast love and partner. Chooch, the son, is barely seen but offers some very thoughtful advice as to Scully’s pain.

I really liked the book. I identified with the tenacity shown by Scully especially since it was maintained in the face of so much pain. Alexa’s support epitomizes the strength a good relationship can offer to the participants in the relationship. This is a good mystery but it is also a journey of redemption.

I highly recommend the book.

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