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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Lion by Nelson DeMille

John Corey former NYPD detective and now a member of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force faces the return of his evil nemesis, Asad Khalil, The Lion. Khalil is a terrorist assassin who has sworn to kill Corey and his wife. The ensuing confrontation is gargantuan.

John Corey details the friction and differences between the button down FBI and the gritty NYPD. This book is set in a post 9/11 situation where terrorism is faced daily. The fast paced adventure mystery is violent and engaging. I did not expect to laugh out loud but the John Corey character spouts some lines that elicited a full blown guffaw.

I’m a bit concerned that I identified so strongly with Corey’s reaction to being threatened. His actions and feelings seemed quite realistic and acceptable considering the circumstances. This book was an exciting and quite sobering read.

I highly recommend it.

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