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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Warlord by Ted Bell

This is my second Ted Bell Book. This is in the adult as opposed to young adult genre. This is a thriller right off of the pages of the newspaper (or The British Royal Family is threatened by terrorists and a shell shocked, combat fatigued Alex Hawke is called in to save the day. This book is a medley of rock and roll action.

This is a fun read. Alex Hawke makes James Bond look like a girl scout. His pal Stokely is intimidating even on paper. The characterizations were colorful and entertaining. Action was pretty much non-stop. The mysterious Smith was truly evil personified. I liked the back story use, it gave the characters more depth. The use of contemporary personages made the book more believable. Conspiracy buffs will revel in it’s contents and conjectures.

Bell painted Alex’s despair very well. It was easy to wallow in his grief. Loyalty and honor are too often ignored in modern novels, Bell captured both.

I highly recommend the book.

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