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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Lost Daughter by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

A willful spoiled and deeply scarred daughter must come to grips with both her own self identity and her feelings for her mother. The confines of law school and a mental institution, together with the cast of someone flew over a cuckoo nest provide the setting for Shana Forrester’s explosive experiences.

The dual story line was a bit weak. The primary focus was on Lily and Shana Forester. There was not enough written about FBI agent Mary Steven’s and her part of the story to consider this a dual plot. My take would be to beef up Mary Steven’s role and give a little more credence to the FBI involvement. That said, the tension between Lily and Shana was hard to take. The friction was flat out painful but well demonstrated. Lily’s involvement with Richard Fowler seems like an unnecessary aside. I have mixed feelings about the book, the story line was convoluted enough to be interesting but there seemed to be too many areas that just didn’t seem to fit the overall scheme. I did like the book, in spite of the fact there were a quite a few scenes that were difficult to take. Lily did illustrate an astounding level of mothering behavior and she seems to regain control of her own life. I liked the wrap up in the epilogue as well.

I recommend the book.

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