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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce

This book is based on the comic strip of the same name, Big Nate. It targets the lucrative Diary of A Wimpy Kid market. It details the trials and tribulations of 6th grader Big Nate.

The humor in this book is definitively age appropriate. I have a grandson in 6th grade and he could have written sections of this book. Peirce captures the frustrations, fears and emotions of a 6th grade boy and his particular phobia regarding the opposite sex. Big Nate is well done and offers good humor for the 4th to 7th grade reader. Gina, his nemesis is a composite of the girls that you remember from grade school. As a former 5th grade teacher, I found the book entertaining.

I recommend the book.

Body of work of Lincoln Peirce

Excellent web site for kids.


The Book Nut said...

I've been thinking about checking out the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books with my kids. They are 9 and 11. I think they'd like them.

I just stumbled across your blog and I agree with you that too many reviews are spoilers. I also write a review blog and I try to follow the same philosophy.

Great job!

ibpurpledragon said...

Always a delight to get comments and particularly so from a fellow blogger. If I may be so bold, check out my tweener chapter book, The Adventures of Hardy Belch soon to be followed up with The Return of Hardy Belch and Tiny.