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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ark by Boyd Morrison

Is Noah’s Ark  a bible parable or a true story?  A misanthrope, an archeologist and a MacGyverish engineer are ingredients in a tasty action adventure.

Morrison provided good strong characterizations.  He gave a good background story on all of the major players.   I enjoyed the interaction between Tyler and Grant who certainly were different in personality.   I also enjoyed the corporate ethics of Gordian, Grant and Tyler’s employer.   People with disabilities were show cased in responsible positions and demonstrated that a disability is not necessarily a handicap.   I like a dose of moral values in an action adventure.  

Dilara Kenner’s portrayal was a bit hard to believe.   She responded astoundingly well being thrust into dangerous situations, more so than I could easily swallow.   I do enjoy strong female protagonists and this lady was nobodies victim.  

Ulric the messianic billionaire’s obsession with godhood was sadly reflected by some current event figures.   He was thoroughly dislikable.  I saw some positive comparisons to Clive Cussler, whose books I also enjoy.    

I recommend the book.

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