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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Albuquerque Turkey by John Vorhaus

An insider’s look at the world of the grifter, a peek into the mind of a con artist who struggle with his own identity in a convoluted and intricate plot of chicanery is the essence of this book.

Mr. Vorhaus does an excellent job at portraying con artists at work.   He delves into their motivation and desires.   He identifies grifters as living a life style not so much for the money but for the thrill of the scam.   Vorhaus used a lot of terminology that is specific to con artists but he deftly defined them so there was no confusion in regards to terminology.  

However the plot was astoundingly circuitous.   That isn’t to say it wasn’t entertaining but you were never quite sure what was going to happen next.   I like that.  I hate predictability in books, what fun is it to figure out the murder in the first 50 pages?  Amusingly Radar (the main protagonist) is in the same situation as the reader in trying to figure out what is going on.   This is difficult to quantify, I guess mystery or maybe action adventure, regardless of the label it was a quality reading experience.  

I enjoyed the book and I recommend the book.

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